Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. of Guangdong high-tech Kate is located in Wuyi - Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, it is a Chinese high-tech investment company under the high-tech enterprises. Vice chairman of China Association of Machine Tool rolling feature branch, deputy secretary-general unit. The current national precision rolling linear guide deputy largest production scale, production equipment, the most modern, most advanced production technology, the product of the highest precision, best quality, and have independent research, development, design professional precision rolling linear guide manufacturers .
      The company mass market products are LG, rolling linear guide LGR, LGS, LMW, LGW, LV, FVG six series of dozens of model specifications deputy. Wherein LG series 12,15,20,25,30,35,45,55,65 type; LGR has 35,45,55,65,100 type; LGS have 15,20,30; LMW series 15,25 type; LV series 9,6 and FVG10 like. In addition, the remaining number of each model specification products in trial production stage. Widely used in various types of CNC metal cutting machine tools and electrical processing, electronics, textiles, printing, rubber, glass, wood and other processing machinery. Especially in metal cutting machine tool industry, HTPM brand is one of the main application brands.
The company passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification and strictly enforced. To ensure the stable quality precision machining, the company has an area of 52,000 square meters of heated workshop and the introduction of the mid-1990s most advanced modern precision rolling linear guide deputy production equipment and sophisticated detection from Italy, the United States, Japan and other countries equipment. Including Italian manufacturing CNC-3000, CNC-1000 ultra-precision rails, slide grinding equipment each 2 pieces (sets); Hewlett-Packard, Tokyo Seiki, Mitutoyo and other companies manufacturing HP5528A laser measuring instrument , 590A-type roughness shape measuring instrument, PJ303 projector and other precision measurement equipment.
Is on customer service, we will pre-service as a top priority, to help customers design and selection; at the same time, the company is technically in part exchange, reserves, and other precision to provide customers with the same level is higher than the national standard of product to ensure that customers bulk orders 100% qualified once installed; in addition, each company shipped guideways are there detailed data in the computer, according to the certificate number, can be traced back to the process as well as those responsible for processing parts. Since the parts to ensure the strict manufacturing tolerances and detailed data recording, even if in need of services are available through the telephone / Internet, etc. Information, immediate help customers solve the problem!
      As a set production, learning and research as one of the enterprises, the company has taken a solid pace in rolling linear guide deputy specialization, the project undertaken by the company to the State Science and Technology Commission of Linear Rolling Guide series products research and development projects in a 1996 was named "national Torch Program." 2002 was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province." Eligible in 2002. February 2006 was awarded the China Machine Tool Industry Association, "2005 meticulously brand Top Ten Enterprises"; while the company brand is scrolled national user survey features of CNC machine tools branch and "mechanical workers" magazine jointly organized, It was named "Customer Satisfaction rolling linear guide top ten brands."
      Overall accuracy of the core technology performance company's precision rolling linear guide deputy, stability accuracy, precision of retention, stiffness, wear resistance and service life, no fundamental difference with foreign brands on quality indicators. However, compared with the same industry, in production scale, production, after the formation of new product development and other aspects of the production capacity of the enterprise is still a gap. Accelerate the development of the industry rolling features, bigger, stronger company, which has taken shape in this sub-specialization rolling linear guide production company, is our unwavering pursuit of the goal. In the next five years, the company will seek the support of national policy, with the support of the Board of Directors, in accordance with "the overall plan, step by step implementation, down to earth, and rolling development" principle, gradually increase research and development and technological transformation investment, the "Kate Seiki" into an annual output of precision linear guides 150,000 meters (sets) deputy specialized manufacturer of precision linear guides. In order to speed up China's CNC machine tools and rolling feature the pace of domestic national industry, the company will make every effort to make its due contribution.